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I think my payout is incorrect.

Please take time to understand Service Busters’s payout system and the payout statement in question.
Discrepancies are rare, but if you have confirmed that something is incorrect, please reply to providers@Service as soon as possible so we can look into it and correct.

How are payout amounts determined?

Service Busters’s pricing is calculated based on scope, square footage, and property type. Pricing is based on extensive market research and testing, and optimized to provide the most value to both customers and Service Busters Pros.

Any approved surcharges applicable to first visits will be included in payout calculation.
All orders that start mid month will be prorated depending on the number of weeks left in the month.
The standard 25% Service Busters Fee applies to all orders. This fee is already deducted from order amounts shown in the Service Busters Provider App.
An additional 5% Insurance Fee is applied to Service Busters Pros who do not have individual coverage. The fee is not applied for providers who have supplied a certificate of insurance with the necessary requirements.
A Dropped Visit Fee of $50/visit will apply to orders with visits Service Busters arranged coverage for.
Late visit fees may apply if a Service Busters Pro creates/completes visits later than defined by the service scope.

When will I be paid?

All monthly subscriptions are paid out no later than the last day of the current month.
Subscriptions – All orders are paid on the same monthly schedule to match billing cycles. All orders are billed per calendar month. Payout is sent via electronic transfer directly to Service Busters Pro email address no later than the last day of each month. Corresponding statements will also be emailed no later than the 8th day of the month.


Snow payout – November 30th – includes all orders active in November
Snow payout – December 31st – includes all orders active in December.
Snow payout – January 31st- includes all orders active in January
Snow payout – February 29th – includes all orders active in February
Snow payout – March 31 – includes all orders active in March

One-time visits – Stand-alone clean-ups that are not part of a lawn care or year-round subscription will be paid out the Friday following the week they are completed.

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