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I have placed an order.What happens next?

1. Your Order Has Been Placed

Your part is done! Within a few minutes, you should receive an automatic email stating that ‘Your order has been placed.’ This confirms that Service Busters has received your order.

2. Order Confirmation

Within a couple of business hours, a Service Busters team member will review your order and confirm the accuracy of the price. Once completed, you will receive an Order Confirmation email, which will specify your order details such as the type of service, service date(s), pricing, and other important information.

Please note: All online and over the phone quotes are estimates only and the Order Confirmation email specifies the accurate price. In the event Service Busters’s price is two or more price brackets above your website quote, your order will be placed on hold and a quote will be sent in place of an Order Confirmation for your approval.

3. Visit Reminder

For all services except Snow Removal, you will receive a Visit Reminder email the day before service. This will specify any preparations you should make before the Service Busters Provider arrives at your property – e.g. marking sprinkler heads.

4. Service Visit

On the day of service, a Service Busters Pro will come out to your property during our working hours (7am – 10pm for Snow Removal; 8am – 8pm for Yard services) to perform the service ordered. You are not required to be at your property at this time, so long as the Service Busters Pro has access to the service areas. If you have special instructions for the Service Busters Provider to gain access to your property’s service areas, please advise us in the notes section of the order page or contact our Customer Support Team before your service visit.

5. Payment

The timing of the payment depends on the type of service ordered and the payment option selected:

For Monthly Snow Removal & Lawn Care subscriptions, your credit card will be charged at the beginning of the month, as specified in the Order Confirmation email.
For Spring & Fall Clean Up services, your credit card will be charged after the visit has been completed.
If you wish to prepay for the season in advance, payment will happen on the date of ordering the service. If you wish to arrange this so you can save on your order, please contact our Customer Support Team.

6. Relax!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the comfort of your home with the people who matter most in life!

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Do you have a mobile app?

Unfortunately, Service Busters does not have a mobile app for Android or iOS. Our website is mobile friendly with all of our services, pricing, and ordering information.

Can I order for a friend or family?

Absolutely! You may order for anyone, whether that be a parent, relative, friend or neighbour.

However, please specify who is the authorized contact of the order so we can properly serve the property.

I can't place my order - help!

If our website won’t let you confirm your order, this is likely due to one of the following issues:

  1. You’re using Internet Explorer, which is incompatible with our website. Please use an alternate web browser to place an order (we recommend Chrome).
  2. You missed some required information.
  3. You forgot to enter a postal code with your credit card information.
  4. You forgot to agree to the cancellation policy and surcharges at the bottom of the screen

Please double check all fields of the order form. If you are still experiencing difficulties, please call our helpline within our business hours.

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