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What are the expectations of a Service Busters Pro?

The Provider Guides supplied to all Service Busters Pros detail all expectations, but in general:
Service Busters Pros will be assigned orders within predetermined operating zone(s) until the Pro’s previously indicated capacity is reached. It is the Pro’s responsibility to manage all properties up to this capacity, without any delays. The Pro can requests to increase this capacity mid-season, however it cannot be decreased.

Service Busters Pros are responsible monitoring the weather, creating visits for all active orders, and maintaining properties as per service scope and standards for the duration of the associated order(s). Pros are responsible for prioritization of Service Busters customers and ensuring high quality service at all times.
Service Busters Pros must use the Service Busters Provider App or website to create and complete all service visit entries before leaving the property in the service history section of their dashboard.

Service Busters Pros When arrived at a property must enter service date and time and take a before picture of what they are about to service.
Service Busters Pros Before leaving a property must take a after picture of what they just serviced and enter service notes to complete the entry.
Service Busters Pros must reply to all communication in their messaging channel within a timely manner during operating hours.

I am ready to become a Serivce Busters Pro. How do I apply?

We’re excited to review your application and start working with you ASAP!
When you are ready, you can get started by completing our quick and easy online application. It should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Once our Provider Team has reviewed your application and your eligibility, we will be in touch. Approval is based on your location and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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What is required to become a Service Busters Pro?

Minimum Requirements

Applicant must have:
Smartphone (iPhone or Android)
Driver’s License
Own reliable transportation (pickup truck is preferred)
Professional lawn care and snow removal experience is preferred
Applicant must provide their own equipment for the relevant seasons as well as applicable consumables. Preference given to those with experience and equipment for all seasons.
Gas powered lawn mower
Gas powered trimmer
Backpack blower
Power edger
Fertilizer spreader
Snow shovel
Backpack blower
Ice chipper
Snow thrower (optional)
Spring/Fall Clean ups:
All “Lawn” equipment
Hand rake
Power rake
Gas powered plug aerator
WCB coverage (only required if operating as a business with employees)
$2 million+ in Commercial Liability Insurance (optional)
Ready to apply? Visit our Become a Provider to apply in minutes or read further.

What are the insurance requirements?

All Service Busters Pros must be covered under general liability insurance. If you do not have your own insurance, you can be covered under Service Busters’s for an extra 5% commission fee.
Provider’s can obtain their own insurance and provide a valid certificate to have the 5% fee removed immediately. Proof of valid insurance can be email to providers@Service

For provider insurance to be considered valid on the platform, it must meet our specific requirements listed below:

Commercial general liability insurance with a per occurrence limit of at least $2,000,000 which insures against bodily injury (including death), property damage, and personal and advertising injury. The commercial general liability insurance will also include products and completed operations coverage, contingent employers liability coverage, contractual liability endorsement for liability assumed within all written contracts, and non-owned automobile liability coverage.
If automobiles are used in connection with the service provider’s performance of the services in this agreement: Third party liability coverage for bodily injury (including death) and property damage arising out of the use or ownership of all vehicles owned, leased, or used by the service provider with a per occurrence limit of at least $2,000,000.
Property Insurance on an All Risk basis covering the property and equipment owned, leased or used by the service provider in the performance of the service
Rockia Inc. o/a Service Busters will be added as an additional insured to this policy and the insurer will waive all rights of subrogation against Rockia Inc. o/a Service Busters and its affiliates.
All insurance shall be evidenced by a certificate of insurance reasonably acceptable to Service Busters. Such insurance certificate shall show Rockia Inc. o/a Service Busters as certificate holder and provide: (i) that the coverages thereon shall not be cancelled without thirty (30) days prior written notice to Service Busters; and (ii) that Service Busters shall be notified of a Pro Provider’s failure to renew any policy listed on the certificate not later than the anniversary date for each policy, throughout the term of this Agreement. Service Busters shall not be liable for any acts or omission of any Provider regardless of whether that Provider has obtained insurance or not.

Service Busters’s mailing address is:

Rockia Inc o/a Service Busters

Suite 103, 9650 20 Ave NW

Edmonton, AB. T6N 1G1

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