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I no longer wish to receive assigned work from Service Busters

Notice period for provider resignation
Orders are billed and paid out on a ​per month basis.​ Service Busters Pros must fulfill service scope for the entire month in order to receive payout for an order.
If a Pro wishes to stop receiving assigned work from Service Busters the Pro must provide written notice to​providers@Service​. Service Busters will stop assigning new orders immediately.
In order to receive payout for the current month, the Pro must:
Provide written notice ​no later than the 15th day of the current month.
Continue servicing​all active orders for the remainder of the current month.
Example: A resigning Pro who gives written notice by November 15th and continues to service all active orders until December 1st, will receive full payout December 8th.

I am unable to complete my scheduled visits.

Service Busters Pro’s are ultimately responsible for delivery of service for all active orders. If a Pro is unable to personally complete their work for any reason they must notify the Service Busters Team as soon as possible.
The Service Busters Pro is ultimately responsible for completing all work and, failing this, the costs associated with Service Busters finding coverage. To avoid Dropped Visit Fees, Service Busters recommends personally arranging and compensating reliable coverage. The Service Busters Pro is still responsible for the quality of work and all eventualities of service if they arrange their own coverage.

In emergency situations or when personal coverage is not an option, Service Busters can arrange coverage. A Dropped Visit Fee of $50/visit will apply to orders with visits Service Busters arranged coverage for.

This $50 is deducted after any other fees and paid directly to the provider who picked up the dropped visit.

Can I request a change to the scheduling of my assigned orders?

Due to the way our order assigning and scheduling process works, it is not possible to change or customize your schedule.
You are responsible for completion of all visits as scheduled (or as snowfall dictates in the winter).

Switching the day of the week that a visit falls on may seem simple, but due to Service Busters’s large scale standardization and efficiency, it is much more complicated and time consuming from both a customer service and technology perspective. We have many constraints to balance when assigning and scheduling an order.

At the start of each season you may be given the opportunity to provide your scheduling preferences (ex. fill Monday-Wednesday first). We will take these preferences into account when possible, but ultimately require full-time availability: Monday-Friday (and weekends to complete delayed visits).

Our scheduling system will automatically group visits together based on location when possible. However, this will not always be perfect depending on when orders come in and other constraints (ex. some customers will pay an extra fee to select a specific day of the week).

Scheduling optimization will improve over time, but only if we develop and adhere to standardized processes. We appreciate your work to operate within these processes and adapt over time.

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