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The highlighted service area in the app is different than the property.

There may be cases when what is mapped in the app is different than what you find at the property.
Mapping will not always be perfect. If it is only slightly different please use common sense and service to satisfy customer expectation. If it is significantly different please let the Provider Team know so we can re-map the service area.

I can't find a property.

With newer addresses in developing areas of the city, sometimes directions are not available through our app.
Please try using Google Maps directly to find the address. In the event that Google does not provide the correct address, you can reach out to the Provider Team for assistance.

Surcharges and Additional Scope

Surcharges may apply if the condition of the property is beyond the regular service scope.
Any amount of snow accumulation is included in the standard service scope. Significant amounts of packed snow and/or ice are eligible for a surcharge.
All Snow Removal surcharges are billed to the customer at an hourly rate of $60.
Surcharges are only possible on visits scheduled on the order start date.
Visits must be flagged with necessary explanation, pictures, and man hours to be eligible for a surcharge. Example
“Packed snow surcharge. Additional 30 mins spent to chip and remove” (with detailed pictures showing amount/thickness and the removed chunks).

Does the Yardly Pro need to inform the customer before beginning to work?

No, the customer is informed the day before of the upcoming visit.
When you arrive on the property, you will not need to inform the customer before beginning service. However, some customers may request a phone call before arriving at the property. If so, the details will be in the visit comments section.

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